Magento - Dynamic and Resilient Solution

If your business is eCommerce-based, then look no further than Magento for your needs.

Magento is an eCommerce content management system platform that is up to date with the latest design trends, SEO ranking factors, online store needs, and security features.

At iSupport, Magento is our first choice for eCommerce projects. It is a scalable system where integration, functionality and practicality come together to form a dynamic and resilient solution for large-scale ecommerce systems.

Here are some of the reasons your business will love Magento.

Easy to add pages and update content

Magento makes it incredibly simple to add pages and update content on your website. The linking and page navigation is also very easy. This means your site can be kept up to date with minimal effort and virtually no downtime.

An intuitive shopping cart for a great user experience

One of the biggest reasons for revenue loss in eCommerce, comes from customers abandoning the shopping cart due to complicated processes.

Magento increases customer retention thanks to its incredibly user-friendly shopping cart journey. The purchase is made via simple steps that are easy to follow. It also supports many payment gateway options.

iSupport Magento

Tools to market and promote your eCommerce business

Magento boasts a large variety of tools and technologies to help you market your eCommerce business. This includes flexible coupons, private sales, multi-tier pricing structures, tools for creating landing pages and campaigns, and much more.

Manage multiple stores from a single admin panel

Magento makes running and managing an online business 24-7 stress-free.

Before Magento, managing multiple stores from a single administrative panel was cumbersome and complicated. But with Magento, each store can be set up in a single admin panel while still having its unique product catalogue.

It can grow with your company

Magento is written in PHP, a programming language that makes it very easy to add new features. This means you can add and customise features that will cater perfectly to your company’s existing needs, both presently and in the future.

It gives you and your customers peace of mind

Magento has been built for maximum security and peace of mind.

If your server is running on a separate system, the data from your online store, products, customer records, orders and transactions are completely private, and not accessible to third parties.

Abreast with the latest mobile trends

With more than 50% of internet consumption happening on mobile devices, your eCommerce store cannot afford to not be optimised for mobile browsing.

Magento has that handled too.

Magento’s mobile app allows store integration across multiple devices, which means your store will work equally efficiently on smartphones, notebooks, tablets and desktops.

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