AWS Managed Hosting

“The Cloud” has become central to everything IT related. It brings with it many benefits too, such as having access to data from anywhere.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the foremost cloud computing systems available to businesses. Being an Amazon product, it brings with it the peace of mind and professionalism that comes with the brand.

At iSupport we provide setup, configuration and ongoing management of your AWS infrastructure, so you can focus on your applications.  We will make sure that all core activities such as patch management, security and backup services are in place, so that your infrastructure is always supported.

Advantages of AWS


Consume only the amount of compute, storage and other IT resources needed. No long-term commitment, minimum spend or up-front investment is required.

Elastic and Scalable

Quickly add and subtract resources to applications to meet customer demand and manage costs. Avoid provisioning resources up-front for projects with variable consumption rates.

AWS builds and delivers its services in accordance with the industry’s highest and stric security best practices. AWS conducts regular and thorough audits.

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