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Patient management logistics are not only complex but also a very delicate matter.

Demanding work schedules and high-pressure situations increase the likelihood of human error. The slightest mistake may have disastrous consequences for both the patients and the medical facility.

Having a reliable patient management system considerably reduces the risk of such incidents. It also lightens administrative workload so that staff can be more focused on their key competences.


Securely access medical records anywhere anytime

At iSupport, we have developed our proprietary Patient Management System specifically with these needs and challenges in mind.

The system centralises and maintains records of patient information and treatments, as well as appointments with healthcare personnel. It also facilitates billing and payments to medical professionals for medical services rendered to patients on behalf of the hospital, clinic or entity.

Workflow of an appointment


The appointment can be created either by booking personnel or by a professional.

Patients can be assigned from a list, which is searchable by ID Number. As soon as all details of an appointment are inputted, a code is generated and sent to the patient via SMS or email.


Once the medical visit is completed, the patient passes the case code on to the professional, who uses it to generate a medical visit report.


The report includes diagnosis, the fee for the visit, and treatment prescribed. The system also gives the option to attach a receipt to each medical report.

iSupport Patient Management System

SMS and Email Reminder for an Appointment

All details related to the appointment including the clinic address, professional name and contact details are sent to the patient via sms or email together with an appointment code.

Customisable to fit your particular organisation or facility

Our patient management system is not an off-the-shelf product. While the features mentioned above may be suited to most scenarios and facilities, we can customise our system to fit your specific requirements.

The system also offers the following added functionalities:

  • Payment Tracking
  • Equipment Loan Functionality
iSupport Patient Management System
iSupport Resident Management System

Optional Resident Management Module

When it comes to health care, there is little room for error. A simple mistake may cost a person’s life as well as result in an expensive legal battle.

The proprietary iSupport Resident Management System automates and handles the logistical side of running a residential health care facility, making operations smoother and reducing the risk of human error.

The system provides an online platform where authorized personnel can easily access and manage data related to the residents and the day-to-day running of the home.

Each resident will have a personal profile in the system. This includes personal details, medical details, dietary notes, passport photo, past and present prescriptions and scans of any other documents related to the medical history of the resident, ensuring that each resident receives the appropriate treatment at all times.


Routine Medical Tests and Assessments Records

The system also maintains records of admissions, discharges, transfer dates and medical assessments. This information is based on a pre-established questionnaire that generates the data according to established industry standard models.

Medical lab tests based on measurable values such as blood pressure, glucose and other medical values can also be stored and tracked via a user-friendly interface.

Additional Modules

  • Billing Module
  • User Access Logs
  • Staff Roster

For more information about the features and functionality of each module, please contact us

iSupport Patient Management System

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