Easy to use Point-Of-Sale Systems

Even the simplest retail outlet can present challenges when it comes to logistics, sales, and stock control. And as the outlet gets busier, the risk of critical errors and confusion increases.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a Point-of-Sale (POS) system that handles all transactions, stock control and logistical operations seamlessly, while reducing the likelihood of error through human intervention.

At iSupport, we have designed our POS system exactly with these criteria in mind so that even the busiest retail outlet can be run smoothly and efficiently.

Intuitive POS Systems

Our easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface makes the system simple to adopt and easy to learn. Operators will be less likely to make mistakes, and new members of staff can be trained much more quickly and with less effort.

Touch Screen Friendly Views

Finger friendly User Interface optimised to work in a fast paced check out.

Easy to use GUI

Easy to use GUI to ensure a pleasant user experience.

Color-Coded Hotkeys

Color-Coded Hotkeys for quick item selection.

iSupport POS System

Manage multiple stores from a single admin panel

Our POS system is packed with features that will cater for the needs of even the most demanding retail scenario including multiple discounting options, price comparisons, inventory control and more.

  • Use of Inventory Codes
  • Integration with Barcode and QR Code Scanning
  • Search functionality based on product name, description or inventory code
  • Dual Pricing (Now, Was)
  • Multiple Discount Methods
  • Inventory Control
  • Security including multiple user system
  • Admin Interface for setup and configuration

Advanced reporting features so all of your data is always at your fingertips

With our advanced reporting system and tax computation features, you are always in control of the situation. You can see the big picture or drill down into the smallest detail.

  • Custom Reporting (including sales, costs and profits)
  • Multiple VAT Rates (Full, Reduced and Exempt)
  • Audited Records
  • VAT EXO Compliance
  • Full Integration with popular POS Hardware System brands

Compatibility with Top Brands

More importantly, the system is VAT EXO compliant and offers full integration with popular POS Hardware System brands such as HP, ELO, Samsung and Epson.


Optional Cashless Module

The Cashless Payment Module is part of our proprietary POS system. It has been designed for specialised retail scenarios such as clubs and canteens.

The module enables patrons to make purchases via an electronic card, bringing about a number of advantages and eliminating the need for the physical exchange of coins and banknotes.

Each account is personal

The EPOS system allows for the creation of employee accounts. This means employees will have their access card associated with their personal canteen account. They can then top up their accounts by purchasing credit from designated top up stations and pay for their canteen purchases using their premises access card.

iSupport Cashless System

Faster, more efficient and safer

The cashless system removes the need for the manual exchange of physical money. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It speeds up transactions
  • It reduces the likelihood for errors
  • It eliminates the unhygienic practice of simultaneously handling cash and food
  • It improves the customer experience by avoiding unnecessary waiting, minimizing disruption of the employee’s lunch break

Optional Free Credit Incentive Module

This module can be taken as a top-up to the cashless payment module.

Employees can be incentivized to use the cashless system by being granted free credit to their card upon topping up a determined amount.

E.g. For each €100 of top-up, an employee gets an additional €5 of free credit.

Our EPOS system is already being used by some of Malta’s top outlets and companies including J Brownrigg Boutique, SG Catering (Lufthansa Technik Malta Canteen), Frisk tal-Bidnija, and Pardi Accessories.

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