Optimize your network

Did you know that poor communication and lack of connectivity are two of the most common reasons for businesses failing?

These two issues slow everything down, killing efficiency and skyrocketing costs.

An extra thirty seconds on a process might not sound like much, but in the aggregate it can really hurt your business, especially if it is hindering other processes and creating a cumulative snowball effect.

At iSupport we can help you by upgrading and optimizing your network infrastructure so that it works at maximum efficiency, cutting costs and boosting productivity.

Based on our assessment of your company’s operations, needs and goals, we will recommend the best hardware and software package for you.

Here are some things we can help your company with:

  • Network, server and SAN cabinets
  • Equipment racks and cable management
  • Provision of servers and networking equipment
  • Testing and commissioning of network points
  • Setting up of virtual environment (VmWare ESXI, HyperV)
  • Setting up of Windows Server OS Systems, Linux Systems
  • Setting up of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Group Policies, FSRM, SQL, SharePoint
  • Setting up of switches, routers, internet gateways, firewalls (Cisco)
  • Setting up of Microsoft Exchange Systems
  • Setting up of file servers
  • Setting up Altaro, Acronis, Backup Exec backups
  • Preventive maintenance


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